2020 Retreat

As many already know, we have had to cancel the Retreat in Rothenburg as we know it. But, we have not cancelled our opportunity to “gather” together, though in a different way. We would like to offer you the following program to this year’s virtual portion of the 2020 Retreat. Aspects of this program are pre-recorded sessions that may be accessed on our YouTube Channel. Other sessions will be live moments on ZOOM. Links to these virtual gatherings will be made available prior to the Retreat dates, of course. We are particularly looking forward to our Communion together on Sunday (22 Nov) which we hope connects us across several continents.

This schedule and program is intended to facilitate you and your local community’s access to this year’s theme and discussion regarding the intersection and often contradiction between God’s kingdom, and human plans and intentions. This year has certainly challenged us in unexpected, but perhaps necessary ways. We are very grateful to have Daniel Napier, PhD (Thessaloniki, Greece) guiding our attention in the five sessions outlined below. Please regard this schedule as a suggestion which we believe will enable your discovery and discussion locally, but permit it to be flexible as your group may need. *Only the ZOOM sessions are live, and we urge you to log in to those sessions so that we may see, hear and affirm you. Also, most especially we encourage you to join the COMMUNION service on Sunday at 15:15 (Central Europe Time). We are part of a much larger whole – and we pray that this Communal moment reinforces that reality. We will reach out to you for your local group’s specific participation in some of the below sessions (i.e. worship, reflection videos, etc).

Please know that we are praying for you, and we are looking forward to being with you virtually on 21-22 November. Please share these details with those who may not have received the info via email. And, remember to watch for more details on our Facebook page and future email correspondence.


Scott & Phil

At the Intersection of God’s Kingdom & Human Projects (Daniel 1-6)

German Time (Central Europe)

Saturday, 21 Nov

14:00     Lesson 1: Daniel Napier, PhD (YouTube channel)

                                “Discretion & Faith: Developing Character for Kingdom Service” (Daniel 1)

14:45      Question & Answer with Daniel Napier (ZOOM Live)

15:30     Fellowship – Challenge & Blessing Reflection Videos (YouTube videos)

16:30     Lesson 2: DNapier (YouTube channel)

                                “A Heart for Others: Developing a Revolutionary Mindset” (Daniel 2)

17:15      Question & Answer with DNapier (ZOOM Live)

18:00     Virtual Sign Off

Local Group Activity, Worship, Meal as desired

Sunday, 22 Nov

10:00     Lesson 3: DNapier (YouTube channel)

                                “Choosing the Flames: How to Live for What Really Lasts” (Daniel 3)

10:30     Reflection Videos (YouTube channel)

11:00      Prayer & Praise: Local groups share songs and prayers (ZOOM Live) 

12:00     Break – Local Group Activity, Meal as desired

14:00     Lesson 4: DNapier (YouTube channel)

                                “Grace Under Fire: Living with Excellence Amid Human Envy & Spite”

14:45      Question & Answer with DNapier (ZOOM Live)

15:15      Communion (ZOOM Live)

16:15      Major Takeaways: DNapier & Retreat Coordinators (ZOOM Live)

17:00     Virtual Sign Off & Goodbye

***Bonus Session on YouTube Channel: Daniel Napier

Humility & Influence: Negotiating Some Pitfalls of First & Second Generation Leadership (Daniel 4-5)

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