About Us

Welcome to the website for the Euro-American Family Retreat.

Since US Chaplain Al Stevens organized the first such event in the early 1960’s, this retreat has served as a time of rest, fellowship and edification for those American military families stationed in Europe, as well as missionaries and European Christian workers who have been advancing the gospel on the continent.

This retreat which has always taken place in the shadow of the beautiful Bavarian Alps has offered the perfect setting to find release from the preoccupation of work so that those serving the LORD in Europe may worship and find refreshment. Since 2006, the retreat has taken place in the charming Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

We seek to serve those individuals and families who serve in Europe.  Parents, single adults, and children have a special opportunity to relax and learn and grow closer to God and to others who share a common purpose in Europe.

May all this be to the glory of God!


Phil & Rebecca Jackson and Scott & Sonya Young

Jackson & Young Pic

The Jacksons and Youngs work closely together to coordinate the details of the retreat.

Phil & Rebecca serve as coordinators for European missions with Missions Resource Network.  Scott serves as the worship minister at Memorial Road Church of Christ, while Sonya works in the Student Life Office at Oklahoma Christian University.  If you have suggestions or questions regarding the retreat, you can reach Phil at 817.937.5187 or philjackson721@gmail.com; you can reach Rebecca at 817.680.4356 or rebeccamcjackson@gmail.com; you can reach Scott at 405.315.1971 or syoung@mrcc.org; and you can reach Sonya at 580.272.7553 or sonya.young@oc.edu.


Hawatthia Jones & Byron Benitez – Youth Group

Hi and Bye coordinate the teenager class and special activities which engage the teens and their families in a fun and uplifting manner during the retreat.

They are missionaries to Guatemala and may be reached by email at:

missionguate@hotmail.com and missionguate@intelnet.net.gt


Jenise Holland – Children’s GroupEuro Retreat Children's Team crop

Jenise Holland and her team of volunteers do an amazing job coordinating classes and activities for the children at the retreat each year. It all culminates with an impressive display at the final ceremony on the last night of the retreat. We’re so blessed to have this team of volunteers at the retreat!


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